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Hi. Thanks for visiting my website. Hopefully you enjoy what you see and hear.
I am an Amsterdam raised and based dj, born in Suriname (1976). The soul, funk, disco, r&b, hip hop and gospel I grew up with formed my musical DNA. Former legendary club Dansen bij Jansen in Amsterdam marked the beginning of my dj career in 2001. I learned to musically assimilate with people and master the art of playing songs the dancefloor needs without compromising my own musical preferences. It’s all about the right timing and keeping focus on what the ambiance needs.

Private events, product launches, wrap-parties, business events, festivals; with a wide interest for different genres of music I can set the mood for practically all gatherings of people.
Adyen, Art’otel, Boston Consulting Group, Club NL, Conservatorium Hotel, Dam tot Damloop, EYE Filmmuseum, Efteling, van Gogh Museum, Hotel Arena and Paradiso are some of the companies I played at or for. In the Netherlands and abroad.
With over 15 years of experience as a creative professional I have an extensive network of knowhow. If needed I can provide you with advise, people and resources to help create the event you visualize.

My ambition? To spread joy through music!

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